Mixed Me
More than just  a children's book!

A Children's Book for people of all MIXES!


Mixed Me is a children's book that looks into the life of a girl who is both black and white. In today's world, being of mixed race has become common, yet we rarely see mixed parents in children's literature, T.V. programing and mass media. It's time to introduce Mixie to the masses. Mixie will teach children that in our melting pot world of diversity, WHAT you are is not so important, but WHO you will become can change the world. And of course, being the best you, you can be matters most. Explore Mixie's interactions with those around her, watch her identify with her family and see the beauty in all the mixes of the world! Help your children see that skin color does not define who you are with the Mixed Me series. Written by a biracial author and mother of 6, Mixed Me focuses on the stereotypes associated with being of mixed race.

The Author and the Illustrator. . . 

About the Author

Tiffany Catledge is married and lives in Southern California. This is the first book of the highly anticipated Mixed Me series. She has six beautiful children. She is the daughter of Judy & Art Harding and sibling to four mixed sisters and brothers.

 Tiffany received her Bachelor's Degree in Intercultural Communications from Arizona State University and has always held an interest in culture and ethnicity. In her free time, she enjoys reading and being with her family. One of her favorite places to be is the children's section of her local library.

  • My children are the inspiration for writing Mixed Me. After years and year s of reading book after book to my children, one day I thought, "hey, why aren't there any books about being mixed?"

Mixed Me is a book with a storyline that was not available to me when I was a (1/2 white & 1/2 black) girl growing up.  I believe that is why when I hit 37, the idea popped into my head as I spent countless hours reading wonderful stories to my own children. Why not a story about being mixed?  And so, I wrote it. My story. Published it and now I am sending it to book stores and libraries all over.  I am the mother of six (my other big accomplishment) and Mixed Me is my first children's picture book.  



About the Illustrator

Anissa Rivière, is seventeen years old and lives in San Diego, California. She is currently a Senior in High School. Anissa was recently accepted, and plans to attend the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design in the Fall. She has always loved art of any kind, especially drawing and painting. She lives with her Jamaican father, Caucasian mother, and curly-haired little sister. She hopes to become a product designer, and to illustrate more books in the future. She loves her mixed background and wouldn't want it any other way!