Mixed Me
More than just  a children's book!

A Children's Book for people of all MIXES!


My sisters and I were born in San Francisco. When I was five and my sisters were 9 and 10, we moved to Phoenix, Arizona due to my dad’s job transfer. What a difference a few states make!  Arizona was hot, but also very limited in cultural aspects.  The community we moved did not have more than one or two black people (or any other minority I could see) in the neighborhoods.  We were certainly the anomaly at our schools, neighborhood and any other group we chose to join. 

Being “different” had its high points and its lows. The lows make you stronger and because of them I am sure  I am a stronger, more confident person.  Being “different” really taught me that being UNIQUE is special and you have to own it! I never felt hindered by my mixed race.  At the time, people always said, “what about the children?” when an interracial couple talked of marriage.  The children are fine, as long as you bring them up  knowing they are something special and of course loved.

My brothers were born in Arizona. The brother after me is 8 years my junior. I don’t know if their experiences being mixed race were the same as mine. I think by the time they arrived things had gotten a little better- people were a little more open minded about diversity.  What I do know, is that my sisters, brothers and me were all well liked, well respected and popular in our mostly all white schools.  Although we all had our share of racial “incidents” we were happy, accepted and are proud to call Arizona where we grew up, 

The dreaded family photo.  Not so pretty!