Mixed Me
More than just  a children's book!

A Children's Book for people of all MIXES!


Mixed Me- the book

"Someone called me an Oreo cookie. . . 

chocolate on the outside, vanilla in the middle.

I don't feel like a cookie. 

I feel like me. Mixed Me. "

Little Mixie wonders why everyone wants to

know WHAT she is.

She thinks that is a funny question because she is most obviously a human being!

And anyway, isn't WHO she is what matters most?

Coming from a family with a black dad and a white mom makes her extra special, and maybe a little different too. But different is good. Mixie embraces her uniqueness and determines to be the best "Me" she can be.



Show your child the beauty in everyone with Mixed Me and the Mixed Me series. Mixed Me is a children's book to poke fun at the silly assumptions from the general public about skin color. It encourages all children to accept each other's differences and embrace who they are beneath their skin color.